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On Glen Rice and Nostalgia (for ’90s Athletes in this case)

It took a potential tryst with a young Sarah Palin (née Heath) for Glen Rice to blow up across the Internet. That alone demonstrates more evidence of the oftentimes shallow way nostalgia works.

Rice was virtually forgotten before juicy nuggets began leaking from an upcoming Palin biography. Rice’s affair was one element in a slew of scandalous Palin drug and sex stories.

My point: Rice doesn’t demonstrate his relevance anymore, so it’s easy to forget he was a three-time NBA All Star who made more than 1,500 three pointers, good enough for 11th all time.

Think about Rice’s peers— John Starks, BJ Armstrong, Glenn Robinson and so many others— they were stars and fan favorites, but all have faded from public memory.

It’s typical of 21st century human nature that it takes a half-term governor, a sex story, or both to reflect on Rice and ’90s basketball players.

(Maybe that’s proof that ESPN isn’t realy journalism… a post for another day.)